Skid Row Housing Trust

Trusiac reviewed the data, filed an extension, and corrected the payroll mistake to completely eliminate the penalty.

Skid Row Housing Trust was shocked to receive two Letter 226J penalty notices from the IRS for the 2016 reporting year, one for each of their two entities. Both were in the thousands of dollars.

The housing trust was confident it had demonstrated compliance with the ACA in its filing to the IRS.  However, the ACA regulations proved to be more complex than the housing trust anticipated. Having multiple entities complicated the ACA filings for the housing trust. A simple mistake caused by payroll auto-generation software triggered an IRS penalty of almost $40,000. Needing assistance, the Trust contacted its insurance broker, who recommended working with Trusaic.

Trusaic reviewed the data, filed an extension, and corrected the payroll mistake. The result was complete elimination of the ACA penalty. A designated ACA Specialist from Trusaic was available to call at any time to answer the Trust’s questions. Trusaic helped the housing trust save time and money by preventing long IRS phone calls and by removing the burden on the Trust’s staff to further research ACA regulations.

Trusaic addressed all concerns and gave detailed explanations for all of the necessary documents and data sets needed for the Trust to make its case to the IRS. Trusaic even prepared a response to the Letters 226J, faxed the response to the IRS, and then continued to follow up until the IRS accepted Skid Row’s response.

“The payroll platform we used to file could never have given us this expert advice and guidance,” said Veronica Garcia, HR Manager.

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