Taco Bocci

Trusaic works with our complex payroll platform easily, and their dedicated consultants will actually notify our payroll company if they identify any data discrepancies in our payroll data.

Taco Bocci learned first-hand that the process to file forms 1094-C and 1095-C for annual reporting to the IRS was full of intricacies and nuances that presented serious operational challenges. In seeking to address those challenges, the restaurant group turned to Trusaic.

We helped Taco Bocci select a comprehensive solution to accurately track its ACA data each month, and file with the IRS at year’s end, all while dramatically reducing the administrative burden on the organization.

Trusaic assisted Taco Bocci in properly performing an IRS Aggregated Employer Group analysis when it acquired 18 restaurants and found that the new restaurants did not have access to their historical payroll data. Despite the lack of information available, Trusaic was able to provide an open enrollment list of employees to keep the ACA compliance process on track.

Trusaic provides a monthly ACA compliance report to Taco Bocci on the status of consolidated employee-level data across all respective entities, with a corresponding list of easy to execute action items to keep ACA compliance on track. Trusaic works with the restaurant group’s complex payroll platform to pull the necessary data for ACA compliance. A dedicated ACA Specialist notifies Taco Bocci’s payroll provider if discrepancies in payroll data are found and helps manage the process of resolving these data discrepancies. 

 “The reports we receive have been excellent.” Said Sokha Chhun-Dugger, Taco Bocci Office Manager.

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