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Trusaic’s services aren’t limited to just ACA compliance – they also helped save on health care costs through the Optimal HealthSM program.

The PEG/LION franchise owns and operates 32 different El Pollo Locos across Southern California. The workforce consists primarily of variable-hour employees who work at multiple locations. Assessing who is qualified for coverage under the ACA and who isn’t proved to be challenging and fraught with complexity for the restaurant group. It quickly realized it needed help with ACA compliance. PEG/LION turned to Trusaic.

Each month, Trusaic identified to PEG/LION the employees that were eligible to receive offers of health care coverage under the ACA and provided critical business intelligence around ACA compliance efforts. Trusaic also provided oversite of the restaurant group’s internal controls. 

Trusaic also helped PEG/LION save on health care costs through our Optimal HealthSM program. This program reduces the restaurant group’s healthcare expenditures by identifying health care coverage alternatives with lower costs for some employees.

“We highly recommend their services,” said Aaron Pingel, CFO.

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