LPE Widmor & Management

LPE Widmor feels confident about ACA reporting thanks to Trusaic’s intuitive monthly process.

When the IRS issued guidance on the reporting requirements of the Employer Shared Responsibility Provisions under the Affordable Care Act, LPE & Widmor Management knew it would be disruptive to normal business operations to take on ACA compliance on its own. It called on Trusaic to lift the burden of complying with the ACA.

The services provided by Trusaic went well beyond the annual 1094-C and 1095-C filing and furnishing. The first order of business was to decide which IRS measurement would be best for the company. Because LPE & Widmor had mostly variable-hour employees, Trusaic recommended the use of the Look-Back Measurement Method to determine employee status under the ACA. We retrieved several years’ worth of historical payroll data in order to determine which workers would be classified as full-time. From there, we consolidated and validated the latest data and provided the company with a monthly ACA compliance report. This report identified benefits-eligible employees, the dates in which they were required an offer of coverage, and any potential risk of receiving ACA penalties from the IRS.

LPE & Widmor also appreciated Trusaic’s guidance on meeting affordability requirements of the health care law. Trusiac provided information on the three safe harbors provided by the IRS and how to claim them.

“We want all of our staff to have affordable health coverage and determining what was ‘affordable’ in regards to the ACA was challenging,” said Maria Flores, HR Manager. “For us, that really solidified our appreciation for their services.”

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