Inglewood USD

We have found the quality of Trusaic’s work and client service to be consistently outstanding.

Trusaic has been providing Inglewood USD school district with Affordable Care Act reporting services since October 2015. The provisions of the ACA can be complex. Trusaic was there every step of the way to assist Inglewood USD in developing an ACA compliance strategy. We aggregated, consolidated and validated employee data each month from a variety of databases. As part of the process, Trusaic analyzed this data to identify and correct inconsistencies to ensure the most accurate data would be used in preparing filings with the IRS.

As part of the ACA CompleteSM compliance service, Trusaic visited the district offices to provide a comprehensive review of the ACA regulations pertaining to educational institutions. An ACA Specialist was assigned to assist the school district with ACA compliance. This ACA Specialist developed a deep knowledge of district operations. The Specialist was available to provide timely answers specific to the district’s ACA issues, providing important guidance on how to improve the processes for gathering ACA documentation. Trusaic reviewed monthly ACA compliance reports with the district’s HR team. At every step in the process, we used our deep understanding of ACA regulations to provide guidance and solutions that ensured the school district would comply with ACA requirements.

Working with Trusaic also reduced the administrative burdens imposed by the ACA on district staff. Trusaic handled payroll and benefits data migration and maintained the district’s ACA records.

Trusaic also provided information on document compliance in each monthly report to provide the district with confidence so that the necessary documentation would be readily available to provide to the IRS in the event of an audit. And district officials could rest easy knowing that Trusaic will be there to represent the District in the unlikely event of an ACA audit or exchange appeal.

“We have found the quality of their work and client service to be consistently outstanding,” said Nora A. Roque, Executive Director of Human Resources.

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