Arborwell was unsure which method would be most beneficial for its organization. Trusaic was able to identify and implement the method best suited for them.

Arborwell elected to have Trusaic file and furnish its Affordable Care Act information returns for the 2017 reporting year. Since Arborwell became a Trusaic client, it has found complying with ACA reporting requirements and the administrative burden of filing and furnishing with the IRS to be stress free. With locations in multiple states and a non-calendar year plan, Arborwell would have had to spend a lot of time figuring out the nuances of reporting. Luckily, Trusaic was able to assist.

Arborwell’s experience with Trusaic goes beyond easier management of paperwork. Trusaic went the extra mile to educate them about the complexities of the ACA. Trusaic provided clear and concise insight around the IRS’s complex ACA measurement methods. Unsure of which method to sue, Arborwell officials asked Trusaic to explain and identify how each measurement method would impact their organization. Trusaic also assessed if Arborwell’s contribution rate structure for employee health insurance coverage met the affordability component under the ACA’s Employer Mandate.

As a tree care company on the West Coast, Arborwell was focused on running its business. The company didn’t have the extra bandwidth to tackle the labor-intensive nature of ACA reporting. Trusaic took care of ACA compliance so Arborwell could focus on achieving even greater business success.

“Since our partnering, they have alleviated the stress of the reporting requirements and administrative burden of filing and furnishing,” said Cindy Kirkman, Senior HR Director at Arborwell.

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