Brown & Brown Pizza Inc.

Because of the successful penalty reduction for 2015, we decided to partner with Trusaic to engage in other services that they offer.

In February 2018, Brown & Brown received a Letter 226J penalty notice from the IRS proposing an ACA penalty for 2015. Given that three years had passed since the 2015 reporting year, the pizza restaurant group was unsure how to go about preparing a response to try to eliminate this penalty assessment from the IRS. Making matters more complex was the fact that a significant portion of its ACA documentation had been lost during the Houston flood in the summer of 2017.

Brown & Brown had its payroll provider file its 1094-C and 1095-C forms with the IRS in 2015, but efforts to receive assistance from the payroll provider to address the IRS penalty notice proved fruitless.  Desperately seeking help, the restaurant group’s insurance broker recommended working with Trusaic.

Trusaic guided Brown & Brown through the process of collecting the data needed to respond to the penalty notice and explained how to organize an effective response to the IRS. When Trusiac noticed a huge discrepancy in the restaurant group’s payroll data, we took the initiative to dig deeper and find the source of the problem. The restaurant group had no idea how or when the discrepancy originally occurred. Upon the completion of our review, Trusaic provided two options on how to develop a response, and even took care of the submission process.

Brown & Brown was delighted, but not surprised, when it was informed the IRS had accepted its proposal to eliminate the penalty assessment. This was because the restaurant group was confident in the analysis provide by Trusaic. Brown & Brown decided to hire Trusaic to handle its ACA compliance.

“We couldn’t be happier of how efficient and smooth the whole process was for the 226J project,” said Kathy Brown, the restaurant’s HR Manager.


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