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Trusaic has been our provider for administering the Work Opportunity Tax Credit program. As a result, we’ve earned over $500,000 in tax credits.

To Job 1 USA Staffing, administering a Work Opportunity Tax Credit program seemed near impossible. With lots of new hires to account for, and operating 50 locations across the Midwest and East Coast, there is a lot to account for. Luckily, Trusiac’s Tax AdvantageSM solution was ready to help.

We were able to successfully implement a system that maximized the staffing agency’s tax credit earnings. As a result, Job 1 USA Staffing has obtained more than $500,000 in tax credits.

Part of that success was the result of having a designated Tax Credit Specialist to communicate critical information to the staffing agency on a weekly basis. This provided visibility into the status of tax credit certifications, outstanding documentation, and many others items to improve tax credit results.

Another key distinction in Trusaic’s TaxAdvantageSM solution was the incorporation of screening compliance. On a quarterly basis, Job 1 staffing transmitted payroll data to Trusaic.  We cross referenced the list of new hires with individuals that had been screened, identifying any missed opportunities, as well as ways to improve the screening process.

“I am confident that our earnings will continue to increase. Constant communication with our point of contact has made the difference for us,” said David Schulz, Payroll Manager.

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