Bald Eagle Security

I am expecting to generate a substantial Federal Income Tax Credit, thus lowering my federal income taxes.

Bald Eagle Security Services in San Diego, Calif., was aware it might be eligible for federal employment tax credits and incentives, but the process appeared to be complex and time consuming.

The security firm contacted Trusaic. Trusaic showed how federal tax credits could eliminate all the firm’s state income tax liability and lower its federal income tax liability.

In a matter of weeks, we had amended prior tax year returns to obtain Bald Eagle a full refund of the state income taxes previously paid, and produced the current tax year State Income Tax Credit Schedule to apply credits to eliminate the current year’s state income taxes.

Bald Eagle continues to work with Trusaic to take advantage of the federal Work Opportunity Tax Credit (WOTC) to lower its federal income taxes.

“These programs have helped me grow my company to be the number one security choice in downtown San Diego and surrounding areas,” said Andrea Robinson, President and Owner.

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Trusaic’s tax credit services got us a tax refund.